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Teachers Love Open-source Software: Linux, Apache, MySQL (MariaDB), PHP #GoOpen

The LAMP approach is the obvious choice for independent developers and small companies who would rather spend resources on product design rather than costly software. An opensource advantage is emerging. Developers want to dive right into production. Companies can build their services around the talent they acquire.

PHP Creates Dynamic Pages with 'Crawlability'

One of the things that is so great about PHP is the dual purpose it serves. It can generate amazing looking pages and also handle a wide variety of back-end processes. Handle requests, access databases, modify images, and upload/convert/write files--it does all of the above.

$LOVE = true;

Having experience through all stages of the design process has granted me insight into opportunities for potential algorithms. A successful methodology for creating mySQL databases should map data to an index while allowing individual items to be accessed. This will boost performance and allow requests to be joined for direct manipulation when the data sets are complex.

Managing projects with the use of a version control repository is a natural part of development. Working in an Apache environment provides comfort and constant communication

PHP frameworks to try: ItemCloud, WordPress, Drupal and Joomla.

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Build Responsive Web Apps with Javascript and XML #In2020
The MVC model allows data to be manipulated while supporting agile development. An adherence to these principles can assist in the creation of well documented frameworks within small and large dev teams. A modular approach provides the structure for attractive designs for dynamic content.

Model Functions that store data on the client-side
View Definitions for the visual elements of a webpage
Control Handles requests for data and display updates

A dynamic interface brings web applications to life. The outcome is stunning animation and fluid interaction.

Minimizing lines of code with well formatted javascript also delivers more flexibility. It is always rewarding to get the job done with the shortest script possible.